Packing your place in just one day sounds impossible, but trust us, it is not. You may feel stressed out, nervous, you can even get a panic attack. The first rule is, DO NOT panic when packing your home in a day. No matter what the reason for relocation is, you should be fully prepared.

Unfortunately, this step is not the only part of the relocation process. There’s leaving your old home, buying a new home, changing documents, adjusting to a new place, etc. But, now, it is all about packing and searching for the right tips to make packing easier.

Learn how to manage your time and handle your move like a pro

Simple tips for packing your home in a day

Packing is probably a boring chore for you, and when you have only one day, it is not only boring but stressful, too. Make the whole process faster and more efficient by following the steps below for packing household items in a hurry.

Now is not the time to panic. Organize your day and start working

  1. Organize – Before you start anything, organize your day and assign chores between your family members. Organize packing supplies and decide what to take and what to toss.
  2. Create a checklist – You probably think it is a waste of time. Actually, it will save your time and nerves. It is easy to forget something when moving and packing in a hurry because of all that stress.
  3. Get rid of some items – Do not leave clutter if you want to improve the home’s first impression. Also, you do not have time to pack all items or to sell them. Donate or just throw them away. Pack only the most important stuff.
  4. Ask friends for help – Do not be shy to ask your friends for help. It is hard to finish everything by yourself, especially if you have a big home and a lot of items to pack. Remind them to bring extra moving boxes and other supplies.
  5. Last-minute moving service – You can always hire residential movers in your area to help you pack and move. Having professional help is highly recommended and the safest option. Look for last-minute offers and hire the best company.
  6. Use the supplies you already have – You won’t have time to purchase packing equipment, so you should use what you already have at home. For example, garbage bags for clothing, linens, and other soft items, newspapers for wrapping fragile items, etc.
  7. Pack room by room – Do not pack more than one box at a time. It will be faster if you are focused on one room and one box. Start with the bedroom and finish with the kitchen.

Almost everyone needs a simple guide to follow when moving. Tips and tricks are more than welcome when packing your home in a day. Organize your day from the beginning to the end and stick to the plan.

Guest Column by: Arizona Moving Pros