Counselors of Real Estate (CRE) Chair Joseph Nahas, Jr. recently shared the Top 10 Issues Affecting Real Estate at the National Association of Real Estate Editors Journalism Conference. Here are some highlights.

“Our external affairs group leads an effort in which we reach out to our 1,100 members for input, debate, discussion and ultimately voting and ranking on issues that our members believe will affect real estate in the coming year.” – Joseph Nahas, Jr.

Current Issues

  1. E-commerce & Logistics (click to see current Commercial & Residential Impact slide)
    • Developers who recognize and incorporate experience into their retail space will succeed1
  2. Generational Change/Demographics (click to see slide)
    • We have more people today under 40 influencing residential & commercial real estate
  3. Housing Affordability (click to see slide)
    • Decision makers are beholden to voters and not to the economics of the housing market
  4. Politics & Political Uncertainty (click to see slide)
    • Mid-term elections determine whether policies of the current administration will be maintained
  5. Interest Rates & The Economy (click to see slide)
    • Many are predicting a recession at the end of this business cycle in 2019-2020

Longer-Term Issues

  1. Energy & Water (click to see longer-term Commercial & Residential Impact slide)
    • Population and job migration react to where energy and water become a problem or an opportunity
  2. Immigration (click to see slide)
    • Immigration population drives household formation and therefore, residential demand
  3. Natural Disasters & Climate Change (click to see slide)
    • Uncertainty creates a higher level of risk; insurance costs for different disasters come in to play
  4. Disruptive Technology (click to see slide)
    • Autonomous vehicles vs building houses on quarter-acre lots with 2-3 car garages
  5. Infrastructure (click to see slide)
    • Despite an abundance of private capital to invest, govt. agencies won’t champion this work

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