On July 3, Citizens for Fair Tax Policy filed over 400,000 petition signatures at the Arizona Secretary of State’s Office in support of the 2018 Protect Arizona Taxpayers Act ballot initiative.

The Protect Arizona Taxpayers Act will protect Arizona families from a potentially huge new tax burden. The constitutional amendment will add certainty that a sales tax or use tax on services will never be implemented in the state of Arizona.

“Today, there is uncertainty about service taxes,” said Citizens for Fair Tax Policy Chair Holly Mabery. “Instituting a service tax in our state would place a huge burden on Arizonans. The broadness of imposing a service tax could jeopardize our economic growth. We believe the Protect Arizona Taxpayers Act will protect our economy, economic expansion, and most importantly, protect Arizona families.”

The following examples are just a few of the services that Arizonans use every day that will be protected from new service taxes:

  • Family Services: Childcare, health care, veterinary services and tutoring
  • Health Care Services: Physicians, surgeons, nurses, physical therapists, dentists, eye doctors and counselors
  • Personal Services: Haircuts, manicures, tattoos, drying cleaning, car repairs and funerals
  • Professional Services: Banking, accounting, architects, engineering, advertising, technical installations and real estate.

A new sales tax on services was recently proposed in the Arizona Legislature. Other states, such as North Carolina, Washington and Oklahoma, have already started imposing new sales taxes on services.

Since Arizona does not currently have a broad sales tax on services, there would be no financial impact on governments. A constitutional amendment ensures that future politicians and bureaucrats cannot simply change or interpret Arizona law to allow sales taxes on services.

To learn more about the Protect Arizona Taxpayers Act and how a service tax could affect your family, visit www.protectaztaxpayers.com.

The Protect Arizona Taxpayers Act is backed by the Citizens for Fair Tax Policy coalition. CFFTP was created by the Arizona REALTORS® state association, which has a strong track record of protecting consumers.

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