NAR Approves Policy Supporting Remote Notarization

The NAR Board of Directors at its meeting today in Boston approved a policy that puts NAR on record in support of laws, regulations, and standards that advance remote notarization. The policy calls for rules that focus on the completion of the notarial act, regardless of the technology used, and support the adoption of remote notarization across all U.S. states and territories, while protecting consumers’ personal information. The policy also urges federal agencies to facilitate the adoption of remote notary services across the mortgage system.

The policy came up through NAR’s Federal Technology Policy Committee. Background.

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MLS Policy Amended to Reinforce Cooperation on Offer Presentations

The NAR Board of Directors at its meeting in Boston today amended MLS policy regarding the rights of cooperating brokers in the presentation of offers.

The policy reinforces cooperation and brings MLS policy in line with the Code of Ethics. Under the rule, listing brokers will be required to provide written affirmation or notification to cooperating brokers, if they request the certification in writing, on the disposition of their offer.

The action amends MLS Policy Statement 7.73 to reflect a newly established duty in Standard of Practice 1-7 of the Code of Ethics.

More on the Code of Ethics and other NAR governance documents.

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NAR to Be Guided By Holistic, Business-Oriented Strategic Framework

The NAR Board of Directors at its meeting today in Boston passed a five year strategic framework to replace the association’s 2014 strategic plan with a document that provides a more visionary, holistic, and business-oriented approach reflective of NAR’s expanding role in technology and other arenas critical to real estate.

“The new strategic framework represents a common focus and direction for NAR leaders, volunteers and staff,” Heather Ozur, chair of the Strategic Thinking Advisory Committee, said. “It provides clear answers to several fundamental questions: Where are we going? What do we stand for? How do we agree to operate? And it captures the essence of both who the organization is and who it seeks to become. It also addresses what unique, core value it delivers.”

The NAR Strategic Framework for 2019-2023 sets forth the association’s long-term goals and operating values. Among its values:

  • People have a right to safe, decent, and affordable housing
  • Thriving commercial and residential markets are critical economic engines of the country and key to healthy communities
  • Private property rights are foundational to the country
  • The opportunity for homeownership should be as broadly shared as possible
  • Entrepreneurs should have the freedom to pursue their business goals and succeed in creating the quality of life they desire
  • All REALTORS® should ascribe to the highest standards of ethics and professionalism.

NAR plans to look at a new vision statement in 2019.

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