In case you missed it, November 6 marked the 2018 general election for our nation and state. Though the national election results have sparked both positive and negative sentiments, as Arizona REALTORS® we should be very proud of our REALTOR® endorsed election results in Arizona.

In the general election, the REALTORS® of Arizona Political Action Committee (RAPAC) endorsed a total of 76 candidates; two individuals for the Arizona Corporation Commission, four individuals for statewide office, 25 individuals in the Arizona Senate and 45 individuals for the Arizona House of Representatives.

Post-election, there were still ballots to be counted and a number of races too close to call, but if the numbers pan out as they currently stand, our overall success rate will be 93 percent.

In the Senate, 100 percent of Arizona REALTOR® endorsements held strong with all 25 individuals victorious. The Senate will consist of nearly half new senators in 2019; 11 of which previously served in the House of Representatives and only one truly new freshman, Tyler Pace.

The Republicans will remain in control of the chamber with the split between parties at 17 Republicans and 13 Democrats. Senator Karen Fann was selected by her party as the Senate President (second woman to ever serve as Arizona State Senate President), Senator Rick Gray was selected as Senate Majority Leader and Senator Sonny Borrelli was selected as Senate Majority Whip.

When looking to the Arizona House of Representatives, a total of 45 candidates were endorsed, with 41 candidates successful in their bid for office. The House will have 19 freshmen, which have never served previously.

The Republicans will remain in control of the chamber with a slim lead over the Democratic party — 31 Republicans and 29 Democrats. Representative Rusty Bowers was selected by his party as the Speaker of the House, Representative Warren Peterson was selected as the Majority Leader, and Representative Becky Nutt was selected as the Majority Whip.

In the regulatory arena, the Arizona REALTORS® were 50 percent successful in our Arizona Corporation Commission endorsements (Justin Olson reelected). Though the Corporation Commission is typically not a governmental body that comes to mind when thinking about real estate, it is important to remember that Arizona REALTORS® have long participated in and been represented at the Commission.

With issues such as line extensions, opposition to demand rates, and fair rates for consumers, participation in the Commission is integral to the interests of REALTORS® and homeowners throughout the state.

In the statewide races, the Arizona REALTORS® endorsed Governor Doug Ducey, Kimberly Yee for State Treasurer, Attorney General Mark Brnovich and State Mine Inspector Joe Hart. We had a 100 percent success rate in our statewide endorsements.

In all, the Arizona REALTORS® continue to maintain their high level of election success. Whether the candidate is a Republican or Democrat they are all part of the REALTOR® Party. We look forward to a successful 2019 legislative session where REALTORS® will have one united voice to promote and protect homeownership and private property rights.

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