During a recent interview, Arizona Department of Real Estate Commissioner Judy Lowe spoke with Arizona REALTORS® 2018 President Lori Doerfler. Highlights are available on YouTube, below is a text excerpt.


Lori Doerfler: In addition to being the Arizona Department of Real Estate Commissioner, you’re also the Senior District Vice President for the Association of Real Estate License Law Officials and that’s also known as…

Judy Lowe: ARELLO.

Lori Doerfler: Can you talk about that a little bit please?

Judy Lowe: Yes. I didn’t know what ARELLO stood for before I took this position. I quickly learned. The Real Estate License Law Officials are the representatives of each of the regulatory government agencies in each of our states and in some other countries as well, Canada, Mexico.

Interesting to know that in many countries, there are no license laws. We do not have representatives of some of the other countries that don’t have license laws. There are no license laws in China. There are no license laws in most of Mexico.

Sonora is just putting in…which is our border state…just putting in license laws. The Real Estate License Law Officials are a group, my counterparts, who come together on a regular basis and talk about what’s going on in their state.

Lori Doerfler: In terms of licensees, practicing — let’s say in another state, and they’re licensed in Arizona and you find out about it, what happens?

Judy Lowe: We do not take action against the licensee for practicing in another state. Now, when a licensee from another state comes to Arizona, we usually issue a cease and desist, meaning you cannot continue to practice real estate in Arizona without an Arizona real estate license.

In Arizona, we do have those who ask for that waiver of education requirements. I can say that we usually believe that Arizona’s real estate education is so unique and specific to Arizona, we usually require them to take the 90 hours of education for Arizona real estate licensing.

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