On November 8, the Arizona REALTORS® 2018 President-Elect Patrick Lewis hosted the Facebook Live event “Housing News for Veterans” with REALTORS® George “G-II” Varrato, MVHC and his wife Lori Klindera, CRM. Here are some highlights.

Part Three: Have You Served?

Patrick Lewis: What is something members of our REALTOR® family can continue to do to get the word out about veteran housing…where would you like to see us pitch in and help the most?

Lori Klindera: The first question is to first ask them if they’re a veteran.

Patrick Lewis: So, if you don’t have it now, part of your buyer or seller consultations — one of your first questions should be, “Are they a veteran?”

G-II Varrato: There are maybe thousands of folks who served that feel if they didn’t get shot at, they’re not a veteran. That’s not true. Don’t ask, “Are you a veteran?” Because we’ve run into World War II and Vietnam era and Korean War vets…and even some folks from the Gulf Wars…that don’t know they have earned these benefits. So, “Have you served?” That’s what you want to ask.

The other thing that the real estate community can do, and I strongly suggest, is NAR’s MRP (Military Relocation Professional) designation. I would supplement that with VAREP’s own MVHC (Military & Veteran Housing Certification) — it’s $99.00 and can be done online. It’s an eight hour course. You can also take it live. We have three instructors here in Maricopa County.

Both are extremely helpful and powerful to helping REALTORS® understand how to be better stewards of the benefits (veterans have) earned. More importantly, it teaches you that the military doesn’t talk your language. They have their our own code. Just like REALTORS® have their own lingo and lenders have their own lingo.

Become a MRP. Become a MVHC Specialist. This will help you tremendously. There are 22 million veterans in the United States and about half-a-million here. There are 1.4 million active duty service members, about six thousand right here. We’ve got the fourth largest air force in the world at Luke Air Force Base.

If you consider that only ten percent of that group is executing on a VA loan, what does your business profile look like? It looks like it could really knock it out of the park this year!

Patrick Lewis: These are things that you can take and implement in your business, that will help an incredibly underserved portion of our community. As REALTORS®, we’re purveyors of the American Dream and why not help those who literally help us preserve that American Dream?

Lori Klindera: Exactly.

Patrick Lewis: They deserve the best that we can give them.

Portions of this transcript may have been edited for clarity.

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