The shocking situation at Hacienda Healthcare has rightfully sparked calls on lawmakers look for solutions to prevent anything similar from happening again.

But even well-intended legislation must be carefully reviewed for unintended consequences that could impact Arizona REALTORS®.

One such instance that received a fair amount of media attention and alarmed many of our members, would have required a DNA sample to be provided by anyone that was required to submit a fingerprint clearance card as part of their application for licensure to the Department of Public Safety.

As alarming as this legislation was, your Arizona REALTORS® were there to protect your interests at the state capitol. Your lobbying team promptly reached out to the sponsor of the bill, Senator David Livingston, and explained to him that the way his legislation was drafted would have included real estate licenses as they are required as part of their application to also submit fingerprint clearance cards. The senator informed us that the intentions of his bill was never to reach into the real estate arena and as a result, he said he would amend the legislation on our behalf to address what his original intentions of the legislation was aimed to address.

In the Senate Transportation and Public Safety Committee, Senator Livingston amended the legislation to only require sexual assault kits to be processed by rapid DNA identification systems. The bill was approved by a 5-3 vote and no longer has anything to do with collection of DNA as a result of having a fingerprint clearance card for our industry or any other industry.