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I like to think of myself as cautiously optimistic when faced with forced change and that was my mindset as I started using TransactionDesk. Now, having used the new platform for several months, I am thrilled with the change and want to share with you how this new forms software is going to make you a better agent!

  • Customization – Set it up once and TransactionDesk and AuthentiSign will brand your value with every electronic signature you send or email you compose from the platform. What better way to softly remind your clients that you love referrals or show off those hard-earned designations and communicate your level of professionalism. Branding banners, in a world where us REALTORS have to know our value proposition, is a win.
  • The Wizard – It really could not be easier with MLS connectivity and the Create Transaction Widget. Our time is valuable, and this part of the platform allows us to accurately input information and then never have to type it again. Say hello to auto-population on our forms and enjoy saving some time.
  • Templates, Contacts and Layouts – Accurate contract writing just got easier. Never forget a form again because you use the Templates feature and if there is something you put on a form every time you only need to type it in there once. Check the box when setting up your transaction contacts in the Wizard for “add to address book” and you will be able to just select that contact going forward and watch it auto-populate into your forms. Layout some signature, initial blocks or check boxes once (like check boxes on the Buyer Attachment to the Residential Purchase Contract) and then apply that layout in AuthentiSign in the future. How nice to only have to drag and drop those 8 check boxes one more time, save the layout and just apply it next time you need it!
  • Print Drivers – “Did you just get commission instructions emailed to you?” Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just drop that directly into AuthentiSign for your broker to sign so that you can be notified when the task is completed.  YOU CAN! Just install the print drivers and then you can print email conversations, attachments or files right from your computer or cloud into the Docbox or AuthentiSign. This feature is not available to Mac users, but you can still achieve these things by using the transaction email link that is provided by TransactionDesk for every file.
  • Risk Management – If you use the full capabilities of the Wizard and input transaction dates then you can set up Tasks that will automatically email you a daily list of things you need to be on top of….like the end of an inspection period. Think of it as an interactive critical date list that makes you work smarter not harder.

There are so many fabulous features in TransactionDesk. Know that you won’t hurt it, go in there and play around. Set up some “test” transactions and run through the software. Tap into their handy help videos to learn and implement one new thing a week that will make you a better agent. Finally, take some classes, one class is not enough to maximize this AAR Realtor benefit because there is so much to learn, use and enjoy.

Serving the northwest valley of the greater Phoenix area since 2003, Susan Nicolson specializes in residential sales, corporate relocation and investment properties. Susan proudly serves on the West Maricopa Association of REALTORS® Government Affairs Advisory Council and is the Membership Director for the Women’s Council of REALTORS® West Valley.  

Ready, Set, GO! >>>  TransactionDesk®

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