On September 5, 2019, REALTOR® members from across Arizona converged on the Phoenix Marriott Resort Tempe at the Buttes for the 2019 REALTOR® Caucus. The Caucus is an annual event offering Arizona REALTORS® the opportunity to bring forward issues that impact their clients and the real estate industry to address during the following year’s legislative session.

Kevin Madden  a long-time advisor, strategist and spokesman, headlined the 2019 Arizona REALTOR® Caucus sharing his unique political insights with attendees. He served on three presidential campaigns and for two Congressional Majority Leaders. He is a regular on CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, CNBC, Bloomberg and many more networks for his expertise.

“Having the opportunity to hear from Kevin provided high level insight into what is occurring in our national politics,” said Shelley Ostrowski, the 2020 Legislative and Political Affairs Chairperson. “The continued changing political environment from day-to-day and his ability to capture America’s ever-changing views was not only captivating, but showed we are going to be on one heck of a ride in the 2020 elections here in Arizona.”

The Caucus additionally took the time to honor those elected officials who were awarded with our annual REALTOR® Champion Award. Honorees are as follows:

Representative Ben Toma – For his sponsorship of HB 2371: real estate; licenses; applications.

Speaker Rusty Bowers – For his work on the Drought Contingency Plan.

Senator Sine Kerr – For her work on the Drought Contingency Plan.

Senator Lisa Otondo – For her work with the Democratic Party on the Drought Contingency Plan.

Representative Gail Griffin – For her continued protection and preservation of domestic or exempt wells.

Representative Alma Hernandez – For her support of SB 1085: Association Health Plan in the face of adversity from her caucus.

Senator Kate Brophy McGee – For her sponsorship of SB 1085: Association Health Plan.

One of the REALTOR® Champions, Senator Kate Brophy McGee, gave Arizona REALTORS® a glimpse into the life of a state legislator and what she expects the priorities of the next session to be. The senator also provided insight into how the Association Health Plan bill faced adversity throughout the legislative process, yet persevered. She informed the group, that though the bill has been passed into law, there is still need for improvement in access to affordable healthcare options and that would be something she would continue to work on in the upcoming legislative session. Another area of focus for the Senator, was on affordable housing opportunities and the various approaches that will be looked at in the 2020 legislative session.

After lunch, the day’s events came to an end with the state’s five Regional Vice Presidents reporting the issues raised by Arizona REALTOR® members during the caucus breakout sessions. Items reported by the Regional Vice Presidents included solar company liens, protections of private property rights, water, short-term rental policies, and streamlining of property management procedures, among many others.

From the Caucus the recommendations will go before the Legislative and Political Affairs Committee for approval and then to the Arizona REALTOR® Executive Committee and Board of Directors in October.  Once approved, the association will have their marching orders for the 2020 Legislative Session where we will work to successfully address the issues facing REALTORS®, our industry, our clients, and property owners across Arizona.