Bear in mind that improving a home’s first impression often equals selling that home quickly and for top dollar. That is not the only important factor, though. A successful open house which results in a satisfying deal relies on good marketing and advertising strategy, adequate duration and timing, pleasant open house experience, as well as excellent agent performance.

The more people find out about an open house and the more traffic it gets, the likelier a closing deal. Advertising has become a vital part of the house-selling strategy. You can do everything else right, but if no one comes to your open house, it was all a waste of resources. Knowing your potential buyers will help you greatly in finding the proper media. If you focus on millennials, employ social media platforms, a real estate agent’s website, and open house directories. Ads in newspapers are meant for people who read newspapers – are your likely buyers among them?

Once you have a marketing strategy in place, consider the timing and duration. The best chance for presentation is if your audience is relaxed. Hosting an open house on weekends for an hour and a half in the early afternoon is ideal. People are not in a hurry to finish any chores and can dedicate a reasonable amount of their spare time to visit. That is when you should dazzle them.

Hosting an open house is close to becoming a profession, considering how much work it entails. And dedication to detail is one of the most important virtues of an agent hosting a home presentation. The first step to make the home ready for viewers is to get rid of unwanted and unnecessary items cluttering the space. If staging is possible, it is a helpful asset. If not, the focus should be on cleanliness and the absence of unpleasant odor. Deep cleaning comes right after decluttering. Air-fresheners are not welcome as they may cause allergies or imply that you’re covering something unpleasant like mold.

Landscaping is key to those who own a yard. Most of the time, the yard sells, and a well-kept garden can even raise the selling price. Before the viewers arrive, let the sunshine in and switch on every lightbulb in the house. Changing any dead bulbs is important and shouldn’t wait until the last moment. It leaves a bad impression. An agent hosting an open house should stay on top of things. A top-class agent will have all the answers ready. The only remaining thing is to turn ambient music on and have snacks and drinks ready for visitors.