The newest version of AAR eSign is ready for release. In addition to improvements that will enhance performance when starting and completing signing ceremonies, there are two very special welcome additions:

  • A timeout feature to protect your account and log you out due to inactivity.  There will now be a timer in the header when users and signers are in the application; the timer will be set to 30 minutes.  When your session is 30 seconds from timing out, the display will message “Your session is about to timeout.  Press OK to stay logged in.”  Pressing OK will reset the timer to 30 minutes.
  • Duplicate signing zone detection will detect when a signing zone is accidentally placed over another existing signing zone.  This can ruin a signing session as the signer cannot complete the signing.  This update will improve the quality of sessions that are sent out for signing.

This new update will take place at 10:00PM, Arizona time, on Monday, September 16th.  If you have any question regarding the upcoming release or need assistance with your AAR eSign account, please email or call us at (866) 833-7357.