Several members have inquired about dotloop’s recent press release announcing its agreement with the Arizona Association of REALTORS® (AAR) (see To clarify, the agreement allows dotloop access to AAR’s forms library in return for licensing fees; AAR forms will only be available to current, active AAR members.  This offering does not replace or modify any of AAR’s current Business Services member benefits.

AAR’s CEO Tom Farley said, “We understand there’s a lot of buzz regarding the recent press release. The agreement was made to allow dotloop the ability offer our members access to AAR forms—as long as certain protections to AAR’s intellectual property were provided. To those members who are concerned about using zipForm® and AAR TM, it’s premature at this date to discuss any changes in current vendors. As with any change, there is a member workgroup who continuously investigates new member benefits in the technology space.  AAR is committed to performing due-diligence on behalf of our members to understand each vendor’s product and how it may benefit the membership.  Then of course, we look at how the new member benefit is to be paid for and does the benefit to membership outweigh the potential costs.”

We welcome any questions about this announcement.  Please contact Ron LaMee or Nick Catanesi at (602) 248-7787 or