The 2018 Arizona REALTOR® Convention was lauded by members and impossible to recreate on the page, but here are some highlights. If you need help interpreting, ask someone who attended and join us next year!

Coffee with Jeff

Jeff Turner, CEO at immoviewer
Does it devalue you as an agent, if there’s a tool you can use to help somebody sell their home? No. Why does somebody hire you as a real estate agent? Trust. There’s a whole lot of stuff that an algorithm can’t do.

If a natural language chatbot can take care of that initial lead qualification conversation — “What’s the price of that house? Can you send me photos of the inside? Do you have any other houses in the area for sale?”…and alert you when they can no longer handle it, is that better? Yes, of course that’s better.
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A friend from Nigeria and I were talking about AI, artificial intelligence. He and his wife speaks Igbo and I said, “I wonder if (Google) would translate from English into Igbo.” So, I spoke in English and she read it and said, “Oh, my goodness. That’s perfect.” You know what my reaction was? “Aw, it didn’t speak it to you.”
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The Digitalization Economy and Real Estate

Jaime Casap, chief education evangelist at Google
“Rather than tout specific Google products, Mr. Casap told educators that they could improve their students’ college and career prospects by creatively using online tools.” – The New York Times

A house went up for sale a couple of blocks from where I live. I walk by this house. How do I interact with this house? Mobile is everything. I tried (the website) and couldn’t find the house. I went on a map, but I couldn’t use my thumbs. If I can’t find you with my thumb, it doesn’t exist!

How do we change our models to reflect the economy that we’re moving into? How do we take all the information that’s available and convert it into real intelligence that our consumers can use?

Two years ago, I couldn’t put on glasses and tour houses instead of getting in my car and looking at 20 houses. Why am I looking at 20 houses at all? I should be looking at three houses. Period. If that many.

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