The 2018 Arizona REALTOR® Convention was lauded by members and impossible to recreate on the page, but here are some highlights. If you need help interpreting, ask someone who attended and join us next year!

Give ’em Something to Talk About

Sean Carpenter, director of training Coldwell Banker West Shell
There’s no excuse not to anticipate the questions people are gonna ask at an open house, or first-time buyers are gonna ask when they get in the car. Anticipate people’s needs. That’s great service.

Communicate with people the way they want to be communicated with. If I send you a direct message a Twitter, please direct message me back on Twitter. If I send you a Facebook Messenger, Facebook Messenger me back. If I text you, text me. Call, call.

If your plan for after the transaction is, I cash my commission check and move on to the next one, that will not be a memorable experience. There is a sign that hangs on my office wall. It says, “Doing what is required only prevents customers dissatisfaction. You must do more than is required to truly satisfy your customer.”
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Building ‘ships in a Millennial World

Jeff Chalmers, sales manager at Mortgage Network
If you follow web leads within five minutes, you’re nine times more likely to connect. Forty percent of salespeople never follow up on a prospect; 25 percent make a second contact, then stop. Twelve percent make three contacts and stop. Doing the math, 85 percent of people stop after three times.

A REALTOR® in the Boston area said, “This Millennial wanted to text me. I told him, I don’t text. That’s not how I do business.” If a person wants to text with you, would you text back? For a person connected to a Facebook, would you connect through Facebook? It’s not about you, it’s about the client.

A typical For Sale sign has what information on it? Agent, brokerage, phone number, potentially a website. Does it have sales price on it? Who is the sales sign really for? The agent. Again, open up your mindset. People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.

A REALTOR®, a Lender and a Title Guy Walk Into a Bar

Sean Carpenter, Jeff Chalmers & Bill Risser, VP of Digital Strategy at Fidelity National Title
Risser said he knows how important it is for REALTORS® to build relationships that lead to referrals…
At the end of a closing with an agent who was in our office a lot, I would say, “You’re so lucky to have ‘Gunner’ as your agent. He shows up at every closing — about 20 percent of the agents don’t even bother. You should tell your friends and family about ‘Gunner’.” If your title companies aren’t doing that, go ask them. Because we’re a team: REALTOR®, Lender, Title. We’re all working together here.

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