The 2018 Arizona REALTOR® Convention was lauded by members and impossible to recreate on the page, but here are some highlights. If you need help interpreting, ask someone who attended and join us next year!

Nationally-recognized speaker, Brian Copeland, CIPS, CRS, GRI was ranked one of the Top 100 Most Influential Real Estate Leaders by Inman News in 2014 and was NAR’s Tech Advocate of the Year in 2010.

Here are some of the strategies he employs to “eDear” Village Real Estate to its clients and community:

Clear Brand Statement

If someone were to ask you right now, “Hey, what is your brand?” Can you say what it is?
Mine is one simple word: Approachability.

  • Think about how people approach your brand. There are four types of consumer behavior…think of this in the context of your listing presentations, your buyer presentations, everything you’re doing
    • Belongers – typically purchase in a suburban area;
      favorite font: serifs (e.g. Roboto Slab), favorite colors: red, white & blue
    • Achievers – typically purchase a high esteem home;
      favorite font: serifs, favorite colors: royal blue, black, charcoal
    • Emulators – want to be an Achiever, but not there yet;
      favorite font: sans serif (e.g. Gotham), favorite colors: Kuler, Pantone Color of the Year
    • Socially Responsible (Conscious) – looking for REALTORS® ingrained in the community;
      favorite font: sans serif, favorite colors: gray on white

Clear Consumer Statement

  • No one does it better than Raziel Unger at Burlingame Properties
    • Consumer is front and center on his website
    • He looks at diversity; a single Baby Boomer, a multicultural family
    • He records them talking about their home buying process
    • He does a full photo shoot and gives that family their photos
    • He’s having his website globally translated

Strategy to Get Them to Websites & Social Media

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – doing organic things to get people to the website
    Search Engine Marketing (SEM) – niching demographics specifically
    Social Media Optimization (SMO) – using your social brand to build yourself
  • Get Them to Open Mail
    • Zip Code Reports via Every Door Direct Mail
    • Light green envelopes get the best open rates
    • Use actual stamps that cater to consumers; e.g. Johnny Cash appeals to Emulators
    • Handwrite envelopes; drag your pinky through the zip code to smear the ink, so it looks real
  • 3D Tours & Infographics
  • Facebook Communities & Groups
    • What Facebook Communities are you passionate about? I run over 35; one for fathers, people who love to develop speaking skills…communities are my #2 lead generation area (#1 is referrals)
    • Facebook Groups – Open Groups are too public and they just turn into a mess; I focus on Closed and Secret Groups.

Strategy to Measure

  • Ninety-one percent of all homebuyers begin their search online
    • 1000 “First Showings” Online/Impressions = 1 Physical Showing
      Impressions, Likes, Clicks, Hits via analytics
    • 10 Physical Showings = 1 Offer to Purchase
      After 10K online impressions/10 physical showings with no offer, consider a new market position

      Mr. & Miss Seller we have had 25 thousand hits on your home. We’ve only three had three physical, in-person shows. The photography’s right, everything’s done right. Price is the only thing we’ve got to adjust.
      (If we’re trying to “eDear” people, use these strategies to get your pricing adjustments.)

    • Agents Must Be Tech-Savvy and Understand Analytics
      Take monitoring your online traffic extremely seriously

Strategy to Be Likable

  • Do you have a strategy to be likable? If not likable, what’re you doing to update, to reset yourself?
  • You can buy all the leads you want…you can like all the Facebook comments you can like, but are you using real estate to be the change you want to see in this world?

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