By Arizona REALTORS® General Counsel Scott Drucker, Esq.

To continue serving the needs of its members that practice commercial real estate, the Arizona REALTORS® state association has renegotiated its agreement with AIR CRE, an online platform dedicated to providing unsurpassed tools to commercial agents.

Pursuant to the contract that will take effect on August 1, 2018, Arizona REALTOR® members seeking to purchase AIR CRE commercial real estate transaction forms will be able to do so at a significant discount.

As explained by AIR CRE, its contracts, which are “designed by experts and written to be completely party-neutral,” provide users with “totally customizable templates to cover all the necessary bases to close your deal, both legally and efficiently.”

AIR CRE maintains a library of more than 50 of the most-used forms in commercial real estate transactions, which are regularly reviewed to account for changes in the law.

Furthermore, pursuant to the new agreement, Arizona REALTOR® members utilizing AIR CRE forms will now have free access to AIR CRE’s attorney, Bryan Mashian, who can be reached at (310) 207-1464.

Sample AIR CRE forms can be viewed on the company’s website and Arizona specific forms will also be available to state association members. Sample forms marked “DRAFT” can be used without cost. However, to use an AIR CRE form without the “DRAFT” watermark, users must purchase AIR CRE “tokens.”

Depending on complexity, each form can be obtained in exchange for a specific number of tokens. Fortunately, Arizona REALTOR® members have the availability to purchase these tokens at a discounted rate.

Additional information about this important member benefit, including discounted pricing, can be found here.

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