The Arizona State Legislature has been in session for over 100 days and it doesn’t appear as if they’ll be adjourning any time soon. Since no more bills can be introduced, the legislators are slowly working through the ones they have left, which makes this a good time to let Arizona’s REALTORS® know what bills have been signed into law already this year that could impact their business.

The Arizona REALTORS® Legislative Committee actively monitored or engaged in over 150 bills on our membership’s behalf so far this session. Here you can find the bills that have made it to the finish line and received the signature of the governor. This signed legislation becomes law 90-days after the legislature adjourns Sine Die. With no definitive date of adjournment, that means the latest something would become effective is September 28, 2019, unless otherwise noted with a delayed or specific effective date.

HB 2027: online lodging marketplace; local taxation – Allows the Department of Revenue to administer, collect, enforce and distribute taxes levied by a city, town or other taxing jurisdiction on an online lodging marketplace. Signed 4/24/2019.

HB 2107: municipalities; parking; public vehicles – States that a city or town may not prohibit a resident from parking a motor vehicle on a street or driveway if certain conditions are met. Signed 4/11/2019.

HB 2109: county transportation excise tax – Increases the county transportation excise tax to no more than 20% when alone or together with any tax imposed for the county transportation excise tax. Signed 4/9/2019.

HB 2114: county real estate; appraisals – Specifies that county property for sale or lease must be appraised by a licensed appraiser. Signed 4/16/2019.

HB 2240: limitations of actions; dedicated property – Prohibits a municipality or county in some circumstances from bringing an action or arbitration against certain people involved with the development or construction of real property or real property improvements more than eight years after the improvements are finally completed. Signed 4/9/2019.

HB 2363: tax lien sales; procedures – Authorizes a county treasurer to prohibit a purchaser of a tax lien property who failed to pay from purchasing more tax lien properties in Arizona for up to 1 year and to set the date of sale for purchase of tax lien property. Signed 3/22/2019.

HB 2371: real estate licenses; applications – Requires the real estate license application to include first, middle or nickname that the applicant regularly uses for advertising purposes. Signed 4/17/2019.

HB 2443: property disclosure affidavit; adjudication claim – Requires property disclosure affidavits to include information relating to an adjudication of the water rights on the property. Signed 4/17/2019.

HB 2445: TPT; residential rentals; notice – Requires cities and towns to provide at least a 60-day notice to residential rental property owners of voter approved tax changes affecting their property. Signed 4/9/2019.

HB 2451: real estate licensure; exceptions; rentals – Removes undefined terminology relating to real estate property. Signed 4/24/2019.

HB 2463: occupational regulations; licenses; communications; notice – Requires an agency to display a specific notice regarding occupational regulations in multiple locations. Signed 3/22/2019.

HB 2464: water infrastructure finance; municipal approval – Increases the population requirement for cities and towns to require an election to determine if it should enter into a financial assistance loan repayment agreement. Signed 3/22/2019.

HB 2469: fire district consolidation, merger – Modifies the procedure for merging and consolidating fire districts. Signed 4/24/2019.

HB 2485: real property disclosure; solar; disposal – Requires property disclosure affidavits to include information relating to solar energy devices on the property. Signed 4/24/2019.

HB 2569: occupational licensing; reciprocity – Applies the requirements for occupational or professional licensure that are currently provided to military spouses to individuals who establish residency in this state. Signed 4/10/2019.

HB 2673: property; products; services; sandbox – Establishes regulations which govern the Property Technology Sandbox Program. Signed 3/20/2019.

SB 1030: remote online notarization; registration – Outlines the procedures for remote online notarization. Signed 4/10/2019.

SB 1033: property tax statements; mortgaged property – Requires the county treasurer to mail a statement of taxes due to the owners of a mortgaged property and when requested send a statement to the lender. Signed 5/3/2019.

SB 1159: fire districts; financial reports; alternatives – Establishes time frames for a fire district (District) to complete a study of merger, consolidation or joint operating alternatives (Study) and for the findings to be submitted to county officials. Signed 4/22/2019.

SB 1218: beneficiary deeds; separate property; nonlapse – Adds clarification to beneficiary deeds regarding conveyance of real property and grantee beneficiaries. Signed 3/22/2019.

SB 1227: Amendments; Colorado river drought contingency – Outlines various statutory changes relating to waterBUD, effluent and long-term storage credit (LTSC) exchanges. Provides funding for system conservation and groundwater and irrigation efficiency projects. Signed 1/31/2019.

SB 1271: purchaser dwelling actions; notice; complaints – Modifies construction defect notification and purchaser dwelling action procedures, and limits indemnity provisions in or relating to construction contracts involving dwellings. Signed 4/10/2019.

SB 1397: registrar of contractors omnibus – Makes various revisions to statute relating to Registrar of Contractors (Registrar). Signed 4/29/2019.

SB 1453: affordable homeownership special plate – Establishes the affordable homeownership special plate and fund. Signed 4/30/2019.

SJR 1001: Colorado river drought contingency plan – Authorizes the Director of the Arizona Department of Water Resources (ADWR) to enter into various agreements relating to an interstate Drought Contingency Plan (DCP). Signed 1/31/2019.