For almost 20 years, Larry King had a weekly column in USA Today titled “It’s My Two Cents.” The column consisted of short, random quips, insights and opinions and was perfect for busy readers with not a lot of time to spend on long articles.

With Larry King recently in the news, I thought I’d give it a try, Arizona REALTORS® style.

MY TWO CENTS: For the life of me, I can’t understand why agents use the term “on or before” when writing contracts… Stop looking for the AS-IS Addendum… Occupational licensing reciprocity is not the end of the world… I’m no expert, but I really question whether an ostrich can be a comfort animal… Yes, the Buyer Contingency Addendum is a complicated form that requires close attention… Facebook is not your Broker… Arizona REALTORS® does not sell your data to Zillow… Reading The Voice will be the most informative 10 minutes of your week… If your list of BINSR repairs is four pages long, something is wrong… This is more difficult than I thought it would be… Even though it’s a fix and flip, the seller still knows information about the property… Don’t put the lockbox on the side of the house behind the trash can and next to a cactus… RAPAC supports political candidates based solely on their voting record and stance on real property issues regardless of party affiliation… If you have never met your Designated Broker in person, you really should… A Cure Notice is not a declaration of war… If you don’t volunteer to be part of the solution, you can’t complain about the problem… Your birthday is not a strong password… If you know an agent that is completing the SPDS on behalf of their clients, please have them call me immediately… The public is not familiar with the concept of procuring cause, so you need to be… Most questions can be answered by reading the Purchase Contract… Arizona averages roughly 650 new real estate licensees every month… I can’t believe you’re still reading this… Why don’t more agents use the Additional Clause Addendum… Lockbox CBS codes are not your enemy… Jay Thompson, formerly of Zillow, is really funny and insightful… Take the time to learn TransactionDesk… Mediation works… Designated Brokers should join the Legal Hotline today for the answer they need immediately tomorrow… The 2005 version of the Residential Purchase Contract is outdated… If this is my two cents and it’s a penny for your thoughts, I think you owe me money… Remind me never to do this again…

Scott M. Drucker, Esq., a licensed Arizona attorney, is General Counsel for the Arizona Association of REALTORS® serving as the primary legal advisor to the association. This article is of a general nature and reflects only the opinion of the author at the time it was drafted. It is not intended as definitive legal advice, and you should not act upon it without seeking independent legal counsel.